Seeking Clarity/Santa Claus

Dear Santa,

So, I'm on my last trip of the year, and I'm feeling kind of melancholy.  I miss Dad.  I've been in pretty good shape on that front, but I'm having a day where I feel sort of "less than". Marginalized, if you will.  You get it, Santa.  You're the go-to man for millions - doesn't it bother you sometimes you give out more than you get back?

Dad was always a good barometer for me on those days.  Whether or not he knew it.  Whether or not I ever thanked him.  I hope so. 

Anyway.  I'm sitting in my hotel room miserable from overeating.  Basically, what happened is I overslept (because I had mis-set my alarm).  So I skipped breakfast.  And I had a decent lunch, but by dinner I was extremely dehydrated and overhungry, so I inhaled my food (and a ton of bread) and drank a ton of unsweet tea.  By the time I got to my room, I felt like I was one of those foie gras geese. 

I didn't sleep well last night.  Which contributed to the oversleeping. 

Can I level with you?  I want to go home*.

I'm ready to spend a few weeks in Nashville with my husband, my puppy, my new kitchen.

I keep looking up Monty, the dog I'm convinced it Piper's long lost brother.  I keep hoping you'll bring me a lottery ticket,  one that would let me quit my job, buy a great place with a little land, go pick up Monty (contingent on Piper approval) and write.  Let Matt take pictures.  Become artists, of a sort.  Maybe I'd get a little gig planning parties and events.

I don't know... first, I need to get the lottery ticket, or comparable.

So, Santa - can you bring me some cold, hard jingle?  I promise you I will use my new largesse to make the world a better place.  And make some puppy dogs very, very happy.


PS - I know you're not in the supernatural business, but I would accept, in lieu of cash, a 30 minute phone call with my father.  Just so he could set me right again.  Yeah, yeah... lottery ticket it is.

*And to an extent, Santa, I'd like to go home circa 1990 - but Home v2016 would be dandy.



Love you. And if you have to feel like a goose, foie gras is the way to go.