Nada, Que Pasa?

Folks, I'm feeling, as we say in this household, a little puny.  Not necessarily sick, just a little run down.

I blame jet lag.  Mostly.  I may have some little bug, and the quick changes in weather may contribute, too.

I am almost done with Christmas shopping - a haphazard affair where I did like Dad used to and just threw some money at it.

Although, I got some pretty neat things, so I'm happy.

It's hard to believe it's December.  Of 2016.  Tempus fugit, y'all.  Fugit!

I have one work trip standing between me and the end of the year.

My trip last week was to California - the LA area.  We were there to see a customer who makes an energy drink - we'll call them Scarlet Bovine - and their office was super cool - open, exposed beams and ducts, nice chairs, free snacks (and energy drinks), and a pinball machine.  I was not cool enough to be there.  Oh well.  At night, we ate well.  We ate sausage from a place called Wurst Kuche.  We also had a hot dog (the Marlon Brando) at Pink's.  And we went to a cemetery where I saw the graves of Billy Wilder, Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemon - among others, but that's the Some Like it Hot trifecta.

I was surprised at how many more celebs I spotted than my colleague. No doubt because I'm super smart.  But really, how can you NOT know who Karl Malden is?  Or Doris Roberts (Flo Flotsky? Marie Barone? No?).

Anyway - there was Red Bull  Scarlet Bovine, Wurst and Dead People - it was a great week.

The final trip will be a lot less star studded - it's in rural North Carolina.  But we do what we do.

That's it from here.  I may go make a sandwich.