First Aid Kit

The holidays have, for most of my adult life, come with a fair amount of stress and anxiety.  There's either a scarcity of time, money or, in some cases, both.  This year, time seems to be the missing commodity.

It doesn't help that I am sleep deprived.  I have had exhausting, busy, frantic dreams two nights in a row.  The kind that wake me up gasping for air.

I also need to take a look at some new pillows at lunch - ours are in need of a refresh.

But the other night, I dreamt that someone had let a bunch of dogs into my house where they had all crapped and vomited on everything.  So I was alternately trying to reunite dogs with owners, figure out who had done this to me (and why), and cleaning up huge piles of bodily fluids (and solids). 

I still haven't recovered from that. 

Last night, I was playing a mini-golf course that incorporated a roller coaster made of golf carts.  I was attempting to assist various family members and colleagues on this endeavor.  Sounds fun. It wasn't. For some reason.

I also made the mistake of eating pizza yesterday.  I always think I want it but it gives me horrendous indigestion.  See also Italian, Mexican. So I woke up from the roller golf experience and took some Tums. And went back to sleep on my lumpy pillow.

So, here we are.  Christmas is in a few days.  I have more to do than I can list here, but it's a lot.  And I apparently need new pillows.  Ours are cursed.

While I'm at it, I'll pick up something tasty for dinner.  And bland.  Very, very bland.

That said, ironically, for lunch?  I want Taco Bell.

Just saying.

Merry, merry, y'all.