30,000 ft View

I'm writing this en route from Las Vegas to Nashville. I left home Sunday, I'm coming home today.

So I have a metric ton of laundry, a few little souvenirs and heartburn.

Which is what happens when you eat German (schnitzel) and Japanese (katsu) back to back. We were an Italian meal short of a full axis power trifecta.

Now, I know what you're thinking.  That looks like two plates of fried chicken, gravy and a white starch. Correct!!!

Clearly, I need to get back on the diet wagon

This, btw, is my current view:

I have no idea where that is. Texas? Mississippi?  Who cares. In about two hours, I'll be home again. Husband, dog and my own bed.



This is apropos of nothing, but...I've been trying to moderate my intake of starches in favor of more protein and whole grains. But tonight I had to make a quick dinner for me and PDaughter before her Homecoming game (don't get me started). Instant mashed potatoes were the quickest/easiest side. They were like eating unsweetened white frosting. I HAVE NO REGRETS.