Wherein I Amuse Myself

I have two art forms in which I dabble: Cooking and Facebook. 

Today, I posted on Facebook that my dog only exhibits one of the signs that she's not getting enough love based on a clickbait article I read.  And a friend of mine asked, "which one"?

I replied:

"It's the vague emo Haikus she writes in notebooks she leaves lying around the house".

Then, I posted three compelling examples:


A howl in the night.
They treat me for heartworm, but,
What about soulworm?

Who knocks at the door?
The icy cold hand of death.
Or is it FedEx?

Terriers love dirt
Terra Firma twixt my toes
I dig my own grave.

This just cracks me up for some reason.  The thought of Piper being emo is just hilarious.   She's the happiest mutt I know.

Here's one more, for the night:

Barking is futile.
Biting folks? It's illegal.
Let lying dogs sleep.