Recent Developments

Sometimes, you can't really put into words what you need to say.

What I want to say is that Mom has a boyfriend, and I think he's amazing, and I could not have handpicked anyone better suited for her.  I enjoy seeing them together, I'm thrilled that she's happy and I'm pleased for them both. They are IN. LOVE.  And it is adorable.

And in a separate set of emotions, I really miss my Dad and I wish I could get his take on a short list of pressing issues ranging from the mundane (home repair advice) to the existential (my purpose in life).

So, that's part of the emotional MMA taking up space in the Octagon that is my brain.

Again, let me state emphatically for the record - I'm totally pro-Mom dating, love the guy I have no issue with their relationship.  I think it's awesome.

Ok.  That's it.  That's all I have to say.

But I needed to put it out there, because now with the holidays coming, he and his kids (grown, older than me) may be part of the festivities and I didn't just want to throw you in the deep end without some water wings.



That is so awesome. I'm glad your mom has found someone to keep company with (as they say), and the fact that you like him is a big plus. Also, are you going to post any pictures of the dress you bought the other day? *taps foot impatiently*
Unknown said…
That's why I like're pragmatic and in the case of your mom you put her feelings first. Of course it's hard...but you have the chutzpah to balance your emotions with reality.