More Piperku

A few days ago, I learned that Piper writes emo Haiku*.  Here are a few more of her selected musings.

Mom, please, I'm contemplating the chaos that is our planet.

The kennel again?
Being a good girl isn’t
Enough to stay free.

Don’t touch my ears, please.
They are pleasant to feel, but
You don’t feel my pain.

Yes, I do eat grass
It deadens the pain inside
Then I barf it up.

Rain falls from above
Cold and wet, much like my nose.
Dank, grey.  Like my soul.

I don’t like my name.
Piper.  It rhymes with Hyper.
I preferred Cujo.

Sit. Stay. Come. Leave it!
Never any fun commands.
Create. Love. Enjoy.

I run like the wind.
After balls, and sticks, of course.
Away from pain, too.

*She isn't really emo.  She also doesn't really write Haiku.  Just give me this, OK.  It's a coping mechanism.