Love on Four Legs

I took the day off today.  Mostly because I have to travel for work on Monday and I pitched a fit about it.  My boss offered me today off and I took it.

I went to the Southern Salvage this morning and looked at counter tops.  Found what I needed, and I'm feeling good about the plans I'm making for the kitchen.

I got a pedicure, then hit Trader Joe's and now I have some beans cooking for dinner.

I also have Piper sitting next to me on the couch and she's put her paw on my laptop while she snoozes.

 I am so completely in love with this dog.

She is joy and energy and kindness and exuberance.  She relaxes me and motivates me.

I would do anything to make her happy.

And I hope she is.



I can tell by the paw that she's happy. Also, how do you keep your keyboard so clean? Mine is 45% Triscuit.