Long time listener...

I took the day off today.  Much needed.  I did some basic stuff.  Picked up stuff to make my Halloween costume.  Got a cheap Asian massage, got my hair done.

That's kind of a fun story.  There was a mix-up and I sat in the reception area waiting on my stylist for about 45 minutes.  He wanted to comp my haircut, and I wouldn't let him.  I worked in the service industry - there's no reason to be an asshole over an honest mistake.  I also tipped him well because he is the first person in a decade who understand my hair and how to cut it.


As I was leaving my hair appointment, I got a call from one of my favorite customers.  One of thhose customers that I'd take a call from even on a day off.

He said, "Hey, I know you're on vacation - this isn't a work call."

He had a joke for me.

Customer:  Ok, what's got a small dick and hangs down?

Me: I don't know, what?

Customer:  A bat!

Me: Haha, ok...

Customer:  Ok, now.  What's got a big dick and hangs up?


He called back 30 seconds later and I was still laughing. 

Asked if I like the joke.  I told him the only thing I didn't like is that I couldn't tell it.

But I can share that he told it, and that's almost as good.

And yes, my customers are sick and twisted.  I love that about them.