It's raining rodents!

What a strange day.  I went into the office and had a great training class this morning.  I was pretty damn tired because I got in late last night from Houston.

I ordered a sandwich, took a call from one of my long-time and much loved customers.  He and I can talk and keep it real.  I told him if he just wants to call and shoot the bull, he doesn't need to make up a problem he's having just to do it.

Finally after reviewing an agenda with my client for next week, I headed home.

I stopped at the store on the way to grab a few things to make dinner, and as I pulled my car in to park, a school bus stopped to let some of the middle school kids off. A girl sticks her head out and yells at me, "Extra Large Marshmallow!"

Now, maybe she was yelling at or about someone else, but... being paranoid as I am, it certainly seemed to be directed at me.

Look, I have a lot of Liberal White Guilt - so if a black kid wants to yell shit at me, I'm strong enough to take it.  Privileged White Lives Matter, but I'm fine.  Obviously, I posted it on Facebook, and it's a mix of amusement and outrage, as it should be.

So, anyway, I got inside, got settled and commenced to chilling., Within a few minutes, Piper and I were sitting out on the back deck.  She had her back to the yard and was chewing on a ball, when I heard a rustling in the trees, and all of a sudden a pile of leaves/debris fell into the middle of the yard, and a full-sized squirrel emerged from the debris, looked around and high-tailed it out of the yard.  It was funny as hell.  And Piper never caught on.  She didn't hear or see it.  And so, no squirrel died today on my watch.

Nuts to You!!!

I am out of the office tomorrow, and that's perfectly fine.  I'm glad. I'm going to do some research tomorrow, chill out, maybe go to a movie, get a pedicure.

Who knows?  All I can say for sure is that the sky is falling.

Love you, mean it!


PS - My husband took the photo of the squirrel - he's hella talented with a camera.