I went to the mall Sunday, and it was... not especially fun.

I need work clothes.  Specifically, I need some dress-up work clothes.  Stuff to wear onsite.  My September will be spent on the road in a big, big way - so I need a few pieces to transition into fall in Ohio. 

And I've lost a little weight.  Not as much as I want, but enough that my standard stuff needs to be replaced with a smaller size.  And I guess I could wait, but you know - I make decent money now, I might as well wear things that fit well and make me feel good, and not wait til things are in danger of falling off.

Anyway.  The thing is, I'm not thin, I'm still shopping in the Plus Size department.

Let me break down what that looks like.  At the Macy's near my office, there are two floors.  Floor one is 2/3 women's "Straight Sizes" -  meaning anything from 0-16.  The remaining 1/3 is cosmetics and shoes.  The second floor contains Men's, Children's, Housewares, Furniture, and roughly 1/6 of the second floor is Women's Plus - and it is picked over and sad.

Especially if you need business attire.  If you need cold-shoulder blouses with metallic accents or capris and nautical themed tees... you're all set.

If you need a nice dressy blouse and jacket... well, dream on.

I fared a little better at Dillard's.  Their Big Girl section is bigger and more varied, sort of.  There, I found a blouse.

A side note.  I'm finally at a point in my life where I can pick something off the rack and feel fairly confident that I can afford it.  I'm not saying I want to spent $70 on a blouse, but if I like it and it looks good - I can.  There's something nice about that.

So, three hours, four stores, one blouse.

I came home and texted my friend Connie that I look terrible in formal business attire.

She texted back:

Do not feel bad.  Remember Working Girl?

As a matter of fact, I do.

I love you, Joan Cusack.

I suggested that I need a fresh pair of Reebok high tops to pull my look together.  Connie suggested bangs.  I countered with shoulder pads.

And just like that, I felt better about striking out at the mall.

It also prompted me to look up "Let the River Run", and I've decided I need Carly Simon on demand to follow me and burst into song when I need to get pumped.

I'm so vain.  I bet I think that song is about me.

Anyway.  If I can find a jacket that makes the cut, I'll let you know.


Six thousand dollars? It's not even leather!

Does this make my butt look hideous?

Let the river run, bitches.


I love that song, and now it will be in my head all day. Thanks, and I don't even mean it sarcastically!