Slow Children at Play

I would like to think that the universe is constantly sending out signs - not just to me, but to anyone who is paying attention.

Here's the latest sign I've been getting.

This is a Carolina Wren.  It was my father's favorite bird.  I can't confirm that - I'm going on memory.  But, as I remember it, that's his favorite bird.

Anyway, while it's not an uncommon bird in these parts, I don't see them at my house often.

Until recently. 

Over the past few weeks, there's been one (or more than one, but I assume one) coming into my back yard.  Close, like, at the fence or on the deck.  And it comes close and raises wren hell.  Just, very vocal.

And I feel like... Dad is trying to tell me something.  Or I don't know.  Maybe there's just a Carolina Wren in town that happens to be in my back yard.

That makes more sense.  But this bird (birds?) seems to have a sense of URGENCY.

"Allison", it's chirping, "Listen to me, I have something important to tell you!"

But what?

Put some more thistle in the feeder?  Keep doing what I'm doing?   Stop doing what I'm doing?  Hang in there?  Take a deep breath?  Take a nap?  Cut my hair?  Cut out carbs?

I'll keep an eye out, and an ear open.

But you know, can't ignore a sign - even if you can't read it.

 Pretty sure this one says, "This Way to The Toga Party".