Revisionist History

One of my favorite hobbies is checking the "On This Day" on my Facebook feed.

This morning, it told me that four years ago today is when  I got my nose pierced in Skowhegan, Maine.  It was sort of cute. 

I stopped wearing the stud in my nose maybe a year ago, maybe two?  I don't remember, except that I was at the zoo and I saw lots of trashy looking old broads with them, and then right after that, I got a cold, took it out for extended sessions of nose-blowing and never put it back in.

So, after I saw the reminder on Facebook today, I thought... huh, I wonder if I can still get a stud in that hole?  That sounds dirty.

Anyway, I bought a cheap stud on my lunch break and guess what!?!

I can't.

I'm sure I could force it and re-open the hole, but have you ever inflicted pain to your own nose?  It hurts like a motherf***er.

And really, to what end?  To remind myself that four years ago, I did something kind of silly, that is thankfully, not permanent.

Good thing I didn't get a tattoo.

The other kind of funny thing is that I had my hair dyed dark and straightened  at the time.

Now I'm stud-free, gray and frizzy.... and still happy.  Mostly.

So four years from now, where will I be?

Will I even still be blogging?

Probably.  And who knows what new holes or studs I'll have.

Haha, that definitely sounds dirty.



You're fabulous no matter how many holes are in your head. And you'd better still be blogging in four years. *looks threatening* *fails*