Other Universal Truths

Here are some things:

1. If you as a boss or manager have to specify that your door is always open, it really isn't.  Or, if it's open, it's only because they are NOT in there.

2. I love my dog's veterinary practice.  I had to take her in for a Kennel Cough vaccine today.  The "proper name" for that is Bordatella, which I always have to think about, or I'll call it Bortadella, which is not a thing.  Mortadella is an Italian deli meat.  Anyway, a good mnemonic would be that she needs BORDatella in order to BOARD at the kennel.

3. I wish I were more comfortable at saying no.

4.  I need to get back off of sugar.  As much as I hated it, I felt SO MUCH BETTER when I wasn't eating it.

5.  I love my pressure cooker.  Tonight, we're having a soup I made with turkey andouille sausage, collard greens, beans, tomatoes and chicken broth.  And cornbread.  Because I love cornbread.

6.  Sometimes, you have to get back to basics.  I made, for dinner the other night, pigs in a blanket.  Canned biscuit dough, low-fat hot dogs.  Highly recommended.

7. Once upon a time my father commented that I apologize too much.  Maybe it's because I'm mean and feel sorry.  Maybe he has a point.  Had.  Had a point.  Fuck, I miss him.

8. I watched "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" last night, and it was weird, but good.  Part of me would rather have been watching something garbagey, but I didn't, so... good for me?

9. I am still listening to Hamilton obsessively.  It's still amazing.  I still find a message in it every time.

10.  I may stop for more canned biscuits on the way home.

11.  Sometimes, when you can't say no, there is power in saying, "Yes, but..."

12.  In improv, you say "Yes, and..."

13.  I miss improv.  But I really miss stand up!

14.  See number three.