No. Please.

I'm in Toledo, OH.

And then, a week in office.

Then Texas.

Then three weeks in a row in Cleveland, OH.

You know what's awesome about Ohio in an election year?


It's the swingiest of swing states, and there are these hate filled ads on TV.  And hate filled bumper stickers on cars.  And hate filled comments from my customers, who can say aaaaaaaaanything they want and I just get to sit there and smile, and fake laugh and try not to cry until I get to, at the very least, my car - but better my hotel room.

And this is not just people I don't agree with - the hate is on both ends of the political spectrum.

I just have to dig through all this horse shit, and assume that somewhere in there, is a pony.

Take two, they're small.



I'm not hearing a lot of political rhetoric here in Texas, because the so-called "true conservatives" realize their party has nominated Hitler in a clown suit. They're staying quiet, and the Democrats realize that for once the best way to drum up support is to shut up and watch the opposition drive the clown car over a cliff.