Kick 'em in the other knee...

I had a hell of an active weekend.  We went to East Tennessee to celebrate my Aunt/Uncle-in-law's 60th Wedding Anniversary.

Lots of food, fun and family.

On Saturday, we offered to go on a hike with one of the sporty cousins.  He's 20 years my senior, but he's healthier than someone 20 years my junior.

We had fun, but I'm sore as hell.

I picked up Matt's cold, and I feel like fossilized garbage.  I head to Houston tomorrow, and the hope is that I'll feel decent by the time I get home later this week.

This afternoon, we learned that the washing machine was dead.  It's possible we could have fixed it - but it could have been a $12 fix or a $300 fix.  And for $300, we could have a brand new machine.  The one that died came with the house, and it looked rough when we moved in a decade ago.

So I took the truck and drove to the Sears outlet. Two hours later, we were washing our first load in the new machine.  Works great.  But it about killed us both.

I have had a few frustrating weeks... I am hoping to pull it together a little.

Right now, though, it's time for for medication and sleep...

Peace and chicken grease.