I said thanks...

Last night I received another bird-gram from my father.

I know, I know - it's all in my head, and that's fine, got it.

So, let's put it another way.  Last night I was sitting on my deck and a hummingbird came buzzing in about six inches from my face.

Now, Dad, back in the day, would feed the hummingbirds.  He, his mother and his sister would have a contest to see who got the first one each summer.  My first Christmas in Nashville, he gave me a feeder.  I could never get them to come, and the sugar water went bad.

So, in eleven years, I've been hummingbird free.

And then last night, one buzzed up to my face...as if to tell me something.

Something like, "Cut it out with the fucking magical thinking.  This is a coincidence, bitch."

And I'm sure it is.

But, for the sake of the argument, and this post - let's assume it was Dad sending a message.

What was he trying to say?

Possible Messages From the Beyond:

It may appear, like the hummingbird, that you are flying backwards.  Remember that motion is better than inertia, and even if you think you're not moving in the right direction, you're still moving.

Lay off the sugar water.

I will continue to be in your life in avian form.  It's just to remind you that you'll never forget about me and that even though I'm no longer alive, my love for you is.

You should really be feeding these birds.

If you're stressed out, catch a good buzz.

Aunt Mary is with me and she and I are having fun.  Don't worry about us.

I see you have a new dog, and I am glad.  I am sorry you lost Lola.  But this one seems pretty good.

The truth is, I just happened to be outside and there just happened to be a hummingbird.

And I happened to be in need of some kind of Dad-based guidance.

But on the off chance that it was his doing, thanks for the bird*.


*Another story for a different time.