I'm in Houston, TX.  Which could be worse.  Personally, I'm kind of beat.

The big issue is my sinuses.  We were landing last night, and I felt a sharp, stabbing pain that originated above my left eye.  It was honestly some of the worst pain I have felt, ever.  I looked at the colleague I'm traveling with and said, "Look, if this is a stroke, and I don't make it downstairs tomorrow, that's what happened."

It's not a stroke.  It's just sinus pain plus cabin pressure.  You know, things as they are.

Last night, a young woman I used to work with posted something really nice on Facebook.  She now lives in Colorado and just got her dream job as a trainer with Miller Coors.  Good for her.  She mentioned in her post myself and one other woman who were her mentors "without even knowing it".

I needed to hear that.  You have no idea how much I needed to hear that.

To quote a musical - The Last Five Years, "Son of a bitch I guess I'm doing something right..."

And finally, today was Taco Tuesday:

I watched them make my tortillas in front of me, and they were delicious.  Note the chipotle mayo.


And with that - time for Tums, sinus meds and sleep.

Peace, love and carne asada,