Eight Years and Change

I landed in Seattle, Washington for the first time eight years and one week ago.

And I wrote about it here.

Now, I'm baaaaaaaack.

And today, after landing, I went to Archie McPhee then to Ivar's for fish & chips.

Because I am nothing if not consistent.

Tonight, I'm sitting in my overpriced hotel room watching The Bachelorette.  Which, I never watch, but it's not difficult to catch on.

Jojo, who looks like a poor man's Isla Fisher is blathering over two equally interchangeable prettyboys.

I loved you in Wedding Crashers

Her mother, Soraya looks a little over-cosmetic surgeried.  The hair is fake, the lips are fake, and possibly other parts as well.

It's some dumb, dumb shit.

But I'll watch, then get some sleep, then go do some training... on billing.  My absolute weakest link.

Oh well.  Fake it til you make it.

Sweet dreams, y'all.