Grab a box of Kleenex

I'm one of those people that cries easily.  I figure it means my tear ducts and emotions are fully functional, so I embrace it. 

Here are a few things that are currently killing me:

Eric and Peety - Mutual Rescue - a man saves a dog saves a man.

This touched me to my core.  It will uplift you, too - I hope.

Stephen Colbert on how he met his wife.


He's just such a good guy.  And this story kind of proves that.  Unless you're Ann, in the story.  In which case... your loss.

The Broadway Community's rendition of What The Word Needs Now - to benefit Orlando.  

Because, duh, showtunes.

And finally - this one is old, but we started talking about it at work, I watched it again, and damn if I didn't cry just like every single other time.

My husband calls me out on this one, says it's a PR stunt - but it's a good one, and I weep anyway.

These are the good tears...