Cats and Kittens

So, as I mentioned my Mom was doing really well.

I wanted to show you a photo of my happy Mom and her reasonably happy youngest offspring.

Can't deny I'm her kid, can you?

Thankfully, I had no more dog amputation dreams last night.  Unfortunately, I didn't sleep all that well.  I had a hard time falling and staying asleep.  That happens when you drink too much iced tea with supper.  Of course, that being said, probably better to wake up than not.  Which reminds me of an old joke about the Native American who died after drinking a gallon of Earl Grey - he drowned in his own teepee.

Oh, what fun to have a juvenile sense of humor.

So, tomorrow is my last day on the road for a WHOLE WEEK.  I don't even know how to deal. I just need to get through it, and I think I can.

I'm ready to get home to my dog, her four legs, one tail and my husband. With all his limbs... although he shaved his head last weekend, so... the dog is the hairier terrier...

And with that.  I'm going to try and get some solid sleep tonight.  Apparently, my students tomorrow... will be a challenge.  And that's after two challenging days already.




Ah, good, your husband has great taste in hairstyle. Just like me.

I didn't sleep last night because I was binge-reading the horror comic Crossed online. When I finally did drop off I dreamt of something I'll turn into a story, probably tomorrow.