Bowl'd Over

We have these bowls that we registered for as part of our place settings when we got married.  I'll come back to that, but first, a slight detour.

Setting up a registry is one of the fun parts of wedding planning because it's one of the few times as an adult where you can make a list of things you want and explicitly ask people to buy them for you.

As an example, I wanted to register for this:

This is the Holy Grail of Wedding Presents - the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer.   My husband balked because it is on the expensive side.  He said no one would buy that for us.  I said, "Stand back and watch."  He said, "Maybe someone on your side, someone who has money".

I got it at my Bridal Shower.  From his Aunt.  


Back to our bowls.

I decided we should get rid of over very serviceable sets of Corelle plates and get this great stuff from Crate and Barrel.  We especially love the bowls:

But they break, and chip, and although I have replaced a few of them over the years, the last time I broke one, I thought... it might be time to go back to Corelle.

And then Saturday, as I was meandering through the grocery store, I saw that they had the ones I wanted, and I bought six of them.

Corelle, by the way, is a laminated glass product that is nearly impossible to break.

So, that's what passes for excitement these days.

And I still love my stand mixer.

And you.  I love you.