Bloggin' and Hoggin'

Here's an assortment of " what's up":

I woke up panicked at 5am from a dream where an escaped mental patient had cut off Piper's legs and tail. Surprisingly, dream interpretation websites haven't documented what this means.

My Mom is doing really well. At some point, I may expand on that, but the basic premise is that she's in a good place. And I'm happy.

I am working on attire for me and my husband for a wedding in a few weeks. Sixties themed. I note that photos from Woodstock feature lots of naked people. Just saying...

Cracker Barrel is my guiltiest guilty pleasure on the road.  Tonight I'm eating a chicken/broccoli/cheese dish. They take American Express, and they are always decent. Plus, I kill time in the gift shop.

I got a new pedi. Orange, to light a fire under me.
One more point about Cracker Barrel. Their cornbread doesn't have sugar.

I finally got to the Farmers Market on the 4th. I bought more than we needed. As usual.

On my flight last night, Center and Window started chatting (I'm Aisle). They kept congratulating themselves and each other about the good energy they were exuding. Window told Center all about her father's short illness before he died and how she was the executor of her ailing mother's estate and how good the care her Mom gets in Hospice is. I had PTSD listening to them. My energy was rotten. Oh well.

My sister sent me a photo of the from her neighborhood pool today. I responded in kind:

I need to work on my view. And my energy.

I am still coughing and my right ear is muffled. I am trying to let it just clear up, but I may end up asking one of these clinic people to write me a scrip for...whatever.

I have taken up space at the Cracker Barrel for too long.

Later, gators.



Your dream probably means you're thinking too much about the retail business and how it's on its last legs. Meanwhile, lighting a fire under your feet isn't recommended. I think.