I'm in Fresno, California.  It's... well, it's California.  I don't get it.

I have a sinus and cough thing going again, and I am pretty over it.  If I could take a shop vac to my sinuses and suck them dry, I would.  See also:  my lungs.

I am halfway through my string of trips.  I have left Sheboygan, which should be easy.  And Raleigh, which... won't.  Well, it won't be bad - but it'll be harder than Sheboygan.

But the good news, I have a quick a break in between the two where I get to do 4th of July. 

If I can get through July, I have a chance.

But the fact that I'm saying that before the door even hits June's ass on the way out gives me pause.

I need a vacation.  And at this point, not even one where I go to a beach and eat lots of seafood and read trashy novels.

I'd settle for a week at the house, divesting of clutter and taking trips to the dump.  Cooking healthy things in the pressure cooker, maybe going to a movie in the middle of the day.  But something rated R so that it's not me and all the anklebiters who are out of school.

Doesn't that sound vacationy and fun?

I need a vacation so that I can recover from snarky doctors making snarky comments about the software.  I didn't build it.  I can't control it.  I'm sorry that It you don't like it, or how much it costs.  I appreciate you asking if I have whooping cough.  I don't.  I have post nasal drip, which triggers my cough.  And since I have drainage, I cough a lot. And when I cough, it sounds bad, and I am sorry.  I appreciate that you think I'm "testing" my cough... but it is testing me. And I am failing.  Thanks for sharing with me what types of cures you think would be helpful.  I'm sure honey *would* dry everything out, and/or a corticosteroid inhaler would move things along.  Write me a scrip and I'll get it filled. No?  Then back off, doc. 

So. Yeah. I need a vacation. Thanks.



"Anklebiters" made my day.

I get these endless suggestions for honey and ginger whenever I have a cough. It has never helped yet and it never will - and they never will stop suggesting it.

Sheboygan sounds like someplace near Shanghai.