Work it.

So, in my last post, I mentioned my Work Husband.

This prompted a query from Bill the Butcher, a faithful reader, whose blog can be read here.

Apparently, it's not a worldwide phenomenon.

A work spouse is someone at the office who fills the non-conjugal role of being your go-to person.  It's an emotional support role.  Someone who knows how you take your coffee, keeps you in the loop on gossip, and is your safe haven for bitching.

I actually have a handful of people who act in that capacity.  And I'm grateful for all of them.

Especially this week.

I may have kind of snapped this afternoon right before we ended the final day of our big meeting.

The more I think about it, the more confused I am as to whether I was insane or justified.  Whether I came across as a total crazycakes or bitchy, or frustrated, or passionate.

Yes to all.

My heart was in the right place, even if my head - and more specifically, my mouth - were not.

But I've talked through it with a few folks and the consensus is I won't lose my job over it.  My dignity, maybe - my crediblity, sure.  But... for the ones who know and love me, they'll have my back.  I hope.

So, the brief synopsis is this - the head of the department didn't give out an agenda prior to the meeting - even though we asked weeks in advance.  So, we met for three days without an agenda.  It was a running "joke", but folks were not pleased with it.

Finally, today - the boss said he had not published the agenda because he wanted to make a point about how important it is to our customers that we prepare one for them.  We get it, chief.  You made your point day one.  He said, "I wasn't trying to play a mind game...".

At which point I said, "Well it seemed like a mind game, and to me it felt like you don't respect our time."

I was so frustrated I was dizzy.  And I felt like I was on fire.

So, just typing it out, it doesn't read as bad as I thought it was.  Several people have kind of backed me up and assured me it wasn't that bad.  And, btw - I'm not the only one who said something - I think I was just the most emphatic.

Anyway - I haven't really broached it with the work husband, and  - he's in management - he reports directly to Mr. Mindgames.  Whereas I report to Mr. Colorado who reports to Mr. Mindgames.  So... it makes things a little tricky.

So - work spouse... anyway, that's all I have.

And no agenda.



Thanks for the definition of "work husband". And for the link :)

Now about your snap, I don't see how it would hurt your credibility. I mean, it was obviously utter crap to hold a meeting without an agenda (even I know that and I'm not in the corporate world). It's ludicrous to say one's "making a point" by not giving out an agenda; it's a waste of everyone's time. Now if your "work spouse" is actually your confidant then he will know exactly what you feel and will back you up all the way.