Trust Fails

This week is my department conference.  Three days of meetings, and evenings of fun.  A little Kumbaya, a little procedure.  Free food. Tote bags.

And the thing is, I'm stressed out because it's a lot of togetherness.  When you're onsite training, once it's done, you can turn it off and go back to your hotel and watch HGTV for a few hours.  Truth be told, I prefer Game Show Network to kill off a few brain cells, but it's not in every hotel's cable package.  So, HGTV or Shark Tank on CNBC, or whatever.  But you can get into pajamas and eat cashews* and say 'fuck' and belch.  It's the American dream.

Survey says... you're not getting shit done tonight.

This week, it's meetings during the day, activities at night - and since I live here, when I get home, I still have husband/dog/laundry, etc. to consider.

I have actually mentioned this several years in a row, asking that we choose a neutral location so that the locals don't get hosed EVERY YEAR.

Which goes over like a lead balloon to everyone but the locals.

And that leads me to my second point.

I'm going to try and keep my mouth shut this year.

Traditionally, if there's something that needs saying, I'll say it - and then later, after I've put my neck out, someone will come up and thank me for doing it.

But while it's happening?  Crickets.

This year, I'm going to try hard to not be the spokesmouth.

'U' tell 'em, Vanna.

My work husband has offered me a steak dinner in exchange for this.  Although, he thinks I don't say too much.  That I'm not annoying or controversial.  Perhaps he just doesn't want to pony up for steak though.

Full disclosure - he pays for my lunch about half the time we go out. I pay for his the other half - as work spouses go, there's good equality with us.

It's not all bad, by any stretch.  I mean, I get to see some of my favorites - people I only see once a year.  Tonight, a few of us are going to get manicures.  Killing it, crushing it.

So, I guess I'll try and keep an open mind, a closed mouth, and remember that next week, at the Days Inn, I can veg out all I want.

No whammies, big money!

*Cashews are awesome, but I miss candy.