Trigger Warning

If you are easily upset by violence or blood - even the fake kind  - just watch this video then don't read the rest of the post.

If you're curious, read on.

One of the things we do at my company is build web-based content for safety training.

And one of the hot topics these days is "Active Shooter" training - basically, when a crazy white dude with a gun* comes into the office, what do you do?

So, this weekend, I volunteered to be at the office while they taped and photographed footage for a new class they wanted to create.

It was... interesting.

I hate violence.  I hate guns.  So, it was kind of odd for me to step up and spend a day with all that.  But, what it really came down to was this - I love special effects make-up and acting.  I also love the people in the content development department, and I want to support them.

So, I did it.

I got to get three wounds.  They put pressure dressing and a tourniquet on me.  I screamed when I heard a gunshot.  I gave an interview to a "reporter".  I begged co-workers to help me. I tried to kill the assailant with a pair of scissors.

It was fun. And scary. And sad.  And eye-opening.

Now,  in a real situation, I'd be under a table crying, I think.  I wouldn't try to fight or be a hero.  Maybe I'd run.  I'm not fleet of foot though.  So who knows.

What I do know is...

I still hate guns.

And I still love wound makeup:

If I get more photos, I'll post them.  Maybe. 

* Stereotype?  Maybe. But stereotypes exist for a reason.