No Time Flat

While I was traveling earlier this year, I found something interesting in a pamphlet racks at one of the clinics where I trained:

Note:  The last thing I want after having my breasts flattened is "the fun".

I'm protecting the name of the healthcare facility, because "professionalism".

But the basic idea, here is that they are hosting groups of women to all get mammograms together.  On the back of the pamphlet it recommends that you

"Identify 8-15 friends or co-workers who enjoy being pampered and are in need of their annual mammogram".

They have three themes - Pretty in Pink, Sock Hop and Powder Puff.

In theory, I think this is a clever idea.

In practice...

Well, most of my friends are not ladies in need of mammograms.  At least not 8-15 of us.  And there's not enough theme partying in the world for me to go with random co-workers.  Also, many of my friends are also co-workers.

But I don't want to take my top off in front of them!  Topless is reserved for my customers.

Also, here's something to think about.  Here's a conversation between Frieda Friend and Carrie Colleague.


Carrie:  Hey, Frieda, remember that Smash Party we had last month?

Frieda:  OMG, yes!  Wasn't that fun?  That game of Pin The Nipple on the Areola was hilarious - I laughed so hard I peed a little!

Carrie:  Yeah, we all did...

Frieda:  And the cupcakes were to die for, weren't they?

Carrie:  Funny you should say that... I got my results back.  Turns out I have cancer.  So, die for.


That Carrie.  What a freaking buzzkill.

So, that's what was on my mind today.