Mama's Got a Brand New Bag

I need to buy some luggage.  My bags have basically done all they can do.  And, selfishly, I need one that will accommodate my CPAP, because I have now schlepped it through the airport once, and NO MAS.

I realize that I have never bought my own luggage - unless we're talking about duffel bags or totes, and I am totes NOT talking about that.

My first luggage, given to me by Mom and Dad was kelly green with navy trim - monogrammed - from Lands End when I was eleven or twelve.  It's still great.

When I was 31 or so, Dad gave me a set of Samsonite luggage - red - and that's the stuff I need to replace.

But how, and with what?

I want to order online, but I also want to feel it, touch it, see the color, and so on.  I don't want black because, duh.  Many bags look alike, please check the tags to ensure you have the correct bag.

Also, bags are expensive.

Which is probably why I relied on my folks to do the buying.

Well, time to grow up and get a piece of luggage to get me going for the next decade.



I got some luggage from my parents when I graduated from college (how's that for a subtle hint?), which I used until last fall, when I allowed my almost-ex to use them to pack his clothes. I had no sadness about letting go of that sad, tatty baggage...and the suitcases.