About once a year, the travel gods have me bend over and take it without buying me dinner first.

Today was one of those.

My 8:05 AM out of Nashville was delayed by an hour.  Which meant that the 45 minute delay I had in St. Louis to catch my connecting flight wouldn't work.

The challenge with that is that the next flight out of St. Louis to Wichita was 9:25 PM.

So if you're doing the math, you realize that is a long, long time to hang out in the St. Louis Airport.

Also, not to be negative, but the St. Louis Airport kind of blows.

I mean, it's clean and easy enough to navigate.  But no massage place, not much shopping and the restaurants are decidedly "meh".  Three hours at STL - plenty.  Nearly quadruple that?

I managed, or, at least - I am managing.  I have about an hour til we board...

And then an hour and a half in the air, then an hour on the road.

And then...

Days Inn.

And three days of training.

Tired.  Already.



I hate airport waiting. Back when I still had someone who loved me - it was a long distance relationship, I flew twice a year to spend a week each time with her - I'd cheerfully wait for hours in airports while waiting to fly to her. But now I have nobody, and I just despise travel totally.