When the moon hits your eye...

I had to go to Costco at lunch today. We needed this year's TurboTax software, and they have in on the cheap.

You know what else they have on the cheap? Large slabs of pizza.  You can get this mammoth slice of pie for $1.99.  And a drink for 99 cents. So for less than $3... lunch. Also, they serve Pepsi products, so... skip the drink.

It wasn't a healthy lunch, but it was delicious.

I love Costco.  They have deals on weird things that I need. Windshield wiper blades. Pillows, flash drives, Laughing Cow cheese. I get my Christmas cards done there. We used some of Matt's photos to make calendars for the family this year.

Their cashiers are nice, the aforementioned pizza is amazeballs, and their gas is cheap.

So we love us some Costco. The problem is, lots of other people also love Costco.

Which is tough if you're cranky like me.

But. I ate pizza and I bought software.

I'm living the dream, bitches.


Yeah, those places give me hives. Sensory overload on all sides. But I'd do almost anything for a delicious slab o' pizza. Priorities.
Christmas cards are still a thing? I haven't sent or got one in a decade. It's all text message and ecards here now.
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