Red Rubber Ball

In the Book of Blogessiastes, it is written: There is Nothing New Under The Sun.

I was planning to write a blog post today about circular grief, and I thought to myself... I feel like I've written about this before.

So, I did a little digging and guess what!

I have!

Not only did I write about it, I used the same fucking song as the basis for the title.

So I'm going to talk instead about the song that inspired the title of this post and one like it two years ago, Red Rubber Ball by Cyrkle.

The song, which you can find on YouTube, was co-written by Paul Simon and one of the dudes from The Seekers. If you listen to it, that will make perfect sense.

It came on in my car the other day. I cannot for the life of me remember if I was playing it from my Amazon account or it was on the radio. It doesn't matter. I started singing with it, and to challenge myself, I decided to sing melody. Because when you've spent 30 years as an Alto (II), melody is a challenge.

It's a weird little song about a heart spurned claiming to be totes over it. He isn't, though. Not really.

"Now I know you're not the only starfish in the sea (sick burn). If I never hear your name again, it's all the same to me...". LIAR!

Although I like the song, it's not what I intended to write about.

I wanted to write about grief. But it appears Allison circa 2014 beat me to it. appears that my heart is not over it.
Here we go 'round in circles.

So, go sing a melody, or a harmony if it's easier. Because as it happens, not only is grief circular, my repetoire is, too.



One of my all-time favorite songs. I find it hard to sing either melody or harmony on it, because they seem to flip-flop at various points. So I just sing whichever notes I can reach in any given line. The Cyrkle were managed by the Beatles' manager Brian Epstein, which just goes to show that he got damn lucky with the Beatles.