Everything is legal in New Jersey

I am in the Garden State.  I am going to get my ass kicked tomorrow by a bunch of clinicians and billers.

It'll be... interesting.

Tonight, I ate dinner at the local Cracker Barrel.  Yes, yes I did.  I ate dinner at a Nashville based chain in a state where I could get great Italian.  And on top of that, I'm an hour from Philadelphia.  I could take a little drive and go get the best fucking cheesesteak on the planet.

But I need to not do that.  Instead, tonight I ate vegetables and grilled salmon patties.  And of course, a biscuit.  Because damn it, sometimes, you need a biscuit.

Which, all things being equal, is still better than eating a Philly Cheesesteak.  Sadly.

So, yeah - I'm bored, I'm in New Jersey, and I'm trying to avoid emotional/recreational eating.

Something worth noting... I  had a little psychic connection over the weekend.

I was at my mother's, and in my hometown, there's a "Big Psychic Fair" on the first weekend of the month.  It's a bunch of readers/healers/communicators who gather at this building near downtown Roswell, and they do mini-readings for $15.

So, I met with a woman who communicates with animals - because, duh - why not?  I showed her Piper's picture, and she tuned in.

She told me that Piper is happy, she loves Matt, she loves me - she feels bonded to us.  I asked about the scar on her nose.  The psychic said that Piper was telling her "cat".  I call BS on that, but OK.  Cat it is.  She likes her food, and according to the psychic, Lola picked Piper out for us.

She also told me that Lola loved me and wasn't mad that I had to have her put down, and that she didn't suffer too long.  And that she hung on as long as she could to get me ready.  Cue the tears.

I know it's for entertainment only. 

But sometimes you need to pay a few bucks to hear something you need to hear.



Yeah, well...there's a Tarot guy a friend contacted when I was depressed and suicidal last year to "help me". He's keeping on calling me once in a while (whenever his business slacks off, I assume) to get me to buy a reading from him.

I can't live without dogs.