Cram for your Exam

So tonight I have my long-awaited Sleep Study.

I'm pretty stoked.

I'm also pretty tired.

Here's how yesterday played out.  It started looking like I was going to get done with my class early enough to be able to fly home last night.  So that's what I tried to do.  I cancelled my hotel reservation, I got in my rental car, and I lead-footed it.

Here's something stupid about New Jersey.  You can't pump your own gas there.  So I had to wait for Pops to fill 'er up.

I made it to the airport with time to spare... but...

The flight I could take home had a connection in Midway.  And the flight out of Newark was delayed, ensuring I would miss my connection.  So, why be stuck overnight in an airport in Chicago?

Also, it would have been an extra $230 to fly to Midway and get stuck there.  I decided to stick with my 6AM Friday flight.

So I rebooked my hotel, got the shuttle and went to my room. I threw down my bags, and went to the restaurant to get a big damn salad.

And then, I went back up to my room and watched Shark Tank for way, way too long.

So, I finally went to bed around 11, with a 3:30 alarm set.

I woke up at 1:15 and fell back asleep.

I woke up again at 4:26....

Wait - 4:26?!??!

Yep, I managed to sleep through my 3:30 AM alarm.

So, I scrambled around and made it downstairs by 4:33, and got on the 4:40 shuttle to Newark.  I checked my bag, got my boarding pass, which, thanks to Southwest, included TSA pre-check.  I made it to the gate by 5:10AM!

Now, I didn't get a shower, my hair is on day three without a wash, and I didn't get much meaningful rest.

But I got on my flight, had an exit row to myself and I pounded through some sudoku puzzles.

We landed, and I headed to the office,  where I'll stay til after lunch.  And then, fuck it - I'm going home.

I can't have a nap today - sleep study.

But I can kick it with my dog, then I'll head to the Sleep Clinic after dinner, where I hope I'll sleep miserably.  Or at least miserable enough that they'll give me a C-PAP.

I can catch up this weekend.

Sweet dreams, yo.

C-PAPbst Blue Ribbon