The Shitty Mall

I was traveling this week, and truthfully it could have been anywhere - it was that generic.

My hotel was right next to a mall, so I thought - SCORE! 

But then I parked, went in and realized it was that town's Shitty Mall.

Your town has one, maybe more than one.   They have the niceish stores, but they have also have some shitty ones.  And even the nice stores look sad and picked over. 

There's a Sbarro, because of fucking course there's a Sbarro.  There's also a Chick Fil A, which is the only actual business happening in the whole Shitty Mall.

This Shitty Mall had a Torrid - it's a store for big girls who want to wear skull print halter tops.  The store was in shambles, but I will admit that they had nice bras.  Nothing in the right size, but I tried.

I wandered the mall, and other than trying on five bras, I didn't really end up doing much.  I killed about an hour.  Then I went back to my hotel and watched part of the Bernie Madoff miniseries (love me some Richard Dreyfuss).  Went to bed.

I do need some new bras.  That's on the agenda for this weekend.  And new tires.

Thankfully, I live near a decent mall.

That's all I have.



Malls in general are becoming sort of sad. They all seem to be either ultra-swanky or crappy, nothing in between. Malls are turning into the middle class of retail. :/