Cream, 2 Equal*

I had a conversation yesterday that kind of left me mad and then sad and then enlightened.

I was talking with a friend about the chicken fried misteak dinner (see last post), and about the pie and coffee place I had passed on the way home.  And he mentioned something about really liking coffee with dinner, and not just dessert.

And I said, "Well, I really don't drink much coffee, so..."

My friend was surprised by this.  And finally, I said, "All those times we've been out together and stopped at Starbucks or Dunkin, and I didn't get a coffee - did that not occur to you?"

To which he replied, "I was so happy with my own coffee, I didn't notice you not having one."

Well, that... kind of says it all.

And here's the thing - we've even HAD the coffee talk before when I explained that growing up in Atlanta, Coke was an acceptable substitute for coffee, and I usually do a Coke Zero.  And he argued with me that hot beverages are consumed in hot climates for their cooling effect.  Ok, fine.  You win.  I still only drink it once a month, tops.

But because I'm me, I actually even know HOW my close friends take their coffee - he's cream, no sugar - for example.**

Why do I know that?  Because sometimes I will drink an iced nonfat latte, or an iced coffee with skim, and if I'm feeling benevolent, I'll get coffee for a friend.  Usually my work husband, but whomever, really.

And the nice thing to do is impress them with the right thing.

I'm not saying I'm right, or I want everyone to be like me, but maybe I need to be more into my own coffee.

To that end - I was chatting with another friend on FB tonight and didn't feel like getting into some drama and I said, "You know, normally I'll play along, but I'm bone tired - let's have this conversation another time." And I got an abrupt, "Good Night."  So 99% of the time I'll coddle you and tell you what you want to hear and tonight, I set a boundary and you act like a hurt child. Fiiiiiine.

I may need to redefine what I expect from people and what I'm willing to give them.

Because now I feel guilty.  For no fucking reason.

Don't you love the weeks where this blog becomes in loco analyst?

*Cream, 2 Equals - or Splenda, but NOT Sweet n Low. 

But any coffee you bring me will be more than generous enough.


**I did text my BFF Connie because I didn't know hers.  It's a half cup of milk, microwaved for 1:11 and coffee poured over it.  I told her I take mine in ice cream form.  Then we talked about Magic Mike and mammograms.  I love Connie.


While I love coffee, I won't have your Coke. Coke is on the boycott list.