Define your terms

Today, I went to the doctor for my annual ladyparts exam.  Which is never fun.

They let me know that I can no longer expect to receive a mailed notification of exam results, but now need to sign into a Patient Portal to get them.  This is for my convenience, they say.

Actually, receiving a post card was actually super convenient, didn't require a computer and didn't necessitate me remembering another password.  So that sucks.

It also sucks that when I went online to do this, the page is broken.  I have an e mail into their customer support.

I was also asked to fill out some forms, which is fine.  One of them included a list of symptoms asking if I was currently experiencing any of them.  One of the symptoms was "Excessive Anger".

Well, define "Excessive".  I am so over it with work right now I can't see straight.  New Manager means new protocol, new quirks, new bullshit.  And don't tell me it's business as usual, because all the new is disruptive.  

So, no, I think my anger is justified.  So I didn't circle that one on the form. Or any of them.  Because let's be honest, if it doesn't involve my ladybits, they don't give a flying fuck in a rolling doughnut.

And based on the stellar customer service of the Broken Portal, they don't seem to give a fuck even if it does affect my ladybits.

So... excessive?  Nope, every single bit of my anger feels completely righteous.

But there wasn't a blank on the form for Lots And Lots Of Justifiable Anger.

Which is too damn bad.