What's my sleekret?

Dear Hairstylist - when I tell you, "I never wear my hair straight", that's not issuing you a challenge or subtly suggesting you style it straight.  What I mean is I NEVER WEAR MY HAIR STRAIGHT.  So no matter how cute you make it with a round brush and a hairdryer, I'm not going to replicate that.  My round brush fell in the toilet a few years back and I tossed it and never replaced it.  I don't know where my hairdryer is, though I do own one.  So, do what you will with my hair, but know that if it doesn't look good curly, there will be hell to pay.

Full disclosure, I've been frequenting the Aveda Institute for my cuts $12 and a master stylist/instructor oversees it.  Plus, I love the way Aveda shampoo smells.  Worth it, even if she did list one of today's style objectives as "sleek with volume" - the other was the ever present "moisturize" - I'm cursed with oily scalp, dry hair.

I went pants shopping for Matt today.  Waist size is never an issue, but he's a 34" inseam (back off, ladies), and that makes him tough to shop for.  I ended up at DXL - a specialty big/tall store.  And damn, was I impressed.  A saleslady approached me in a no pressure way giving me a quick tour of the store and offered me a bottle of water.  The last time I got that kind of customer service clothes shopping was... the time I went with my father to Macy's to buy a suit.  Men get far, far more service when clothes shopping.  Their prices were a little high, but what does that matter when they have what you need and they're NICE?  Really.

I think I need to cut back on how often I order from Pizza Perfect - they recognize me.  That said, their pizza is the bomb.

I watched The Price Is Right today, and I'm reminded of two things.  One, Drew Carey is no Bob Barker, and two - if I were to ever go on that show, I'd need to brush up on prices of cars, electronics - basically all non-grocery items.

There's this new toy out called Bunchems - they're these little plastic balls that look like cockle burrs, and they stick together to create "art":

Apparently, if you get them in your hair, they'll also stick there.  And not come out.  And parents are surprised and angry.

Verily, I say unto thee... DUH - of course these little fuckers will stay in your hair.  Seriously?  Sorry your kids are just that dumb.  Stump dumb, as it were.

I got a chair massage this afternoon at a sketchy place near the pants shopping place.  It was phenomenal, but I am growing more and more convinced that these are fronts for Hand Job Parlors.  I mean, several skittish men wandered into the place while I was there, and I can't imagine they were just really tense from all the pre-holiday fracas... at 3PM on a Tuesday.  But whatever.  No judging.

Tomorrow I have to order workbooks for my class next week. Shame on me for falling down on the job.

And then, there's housework.  We have family visiting next week, while I'm in Decatur, IL.  So, that's fun.  I'll see them Friday.

Oooh - and then Porter Flea!!!

And more travel...

Then Gatlinburg.

And more travel.

Then Christmas and New Years and... you get the idea.

It's just a big pile of travel - like Bunchems.



What is this "hair" thing of which you speak?