Now what?

I'm not sleeping well these days.  I know that apnea is part of the problem.  But about a year ago, I did a "take home" test that my doc prescribed.  She said I was borderline and just needed to lose weight.

But here's the spiral.  When you aren't getting enough sleep, you tend to overcompensate with caffeine, sugar, calories.

Which makes it hard to lose weight.  Which means that you wake up gasping for air, heart racing.  And you are exhausted when you wake up, and you reach for chocolate, or sweet tea, or...

Can you see where I'm going with this?

So I called my doctor's office, because I need to book my annual physical, and I wanted to talk to her about reconsidering.

And she's booked out for physicals until January.

So.  Fuck.

There's a service online that will write you a scrip for a CPAP, but they require you to buy the machine with them, and it's not covered by insurance.

So.  Fuck.

One of my colleagues suggested I call the doctor to see if I can come in because I'm sick.  And then talk about the sick being from apnea.  

Devious, but fuck... why on earth not?  I deserve to sleep well.

I'll keep you posted.



Not sleeping much myself but there's nothing I can do about that, going by experience. It's part of the latter half of the manic part of my bipolar cycle. I get hyperenergised, can't sleep, spend my time writing or drawing because that's all I can concentrate on, and then I fall to the bottom and stay there for days to weeks before beginning the crawl out again. Never had sleep apnoea though.