Laughing Gravy

I was feeling kind of sorry for myself in re: Thanksgiving.  We decided to go out for dinner that day, and I found a charming little place - a farm-to-table joint with a prix-fixe thing.  Done and done.

But you know I'm picky about things like dressing and gravy and I like the kind Dad made and taught me to make. And I was feeling sad and nostalgic about it.

So yesterday at the store, I took action, bought a turkey breast.   I bought the stuff to make dressing and gravy.

And tonight, I've had a mini-Thanksgiving.  It was OK.  It tasted like nostalgia, it tasted like salt.

But truth be told, I'd be best off to not eat any more rich food - or for that matter, any food for awhile.

I feel very Violet:

But thankful.  Always thankful.