I heard an expression a few weeks back that kind of stuck with me.  A customer was telling me that if her kids don't enjoy a specific food she's eating she reminds them, "Don't yuck my yum."  Basically, don't be a buzzkill.

My yum gets yucked from time to time - and I just need to be aware that that final say is mine.  Don't like what I do?  Fine.  Want to make me feel bad for liking it?  Nope. Not happening.

Anyway...  just putting that out there.

Here's some more news.  I found out something pretty major this weekend.

Piper's actual date of birth.

I got an e mail the other day from the microchip people letting me know I needed to pay her annual fee.  I signed to her data, intending only to change her name from Oreo to Piper, and her date of birth was included in the information listed.

Piper was born April 28, 2014.  She is a Taurus.  She shares a birthday with Oskar Schindler, Terry Pratchett, Jay Leno and The Property Brothers. 

I watch too much HGTV   
Anyway, now I know when to celebrate her birthday.  So, that's nice. 

Life is short.  You have to celebrate your babygirl's special dates.

Hey, yeah, I am crazy.  Don't yuck my yum.



Is Piper a dog, cat, goldfish, rat, hamster or a dragon?

Talking about dragons, have you read the Dragon Girl comic on GoComics? It's not far.
ae said…
Piper is a dragon/dog mix. I will give Dragon Girl a look.
You OK? Long time nothing from you.