Balmer, hon.

I cannot land in Baltimore without thinking of the local pronunciation. Balmer. The "hon" is equally iconic. Look it up. Or watch Homicide. Actually, watch Homicide regardless because Andre Braugher is a fucking genius. I would watch him eat a sandwich.

Here's something at the Balmer Airport that stresses me out:

What is the grammar violation here? This does not make me be relax. I don't be relax at all.

I'm actually a little PTSD at the sight of this because once upon a time, I spent the night in Balmer in a chair next to this quasi spa.  It was unpleasant.

At the moment I'm en route on trip one of six business trips between now and the end of the year. I specify business because there are four family trips as well. So, that's a lot of Allison not at home time.


Reporting live from Seat 6C. Departing Balmer.