I'm back, I think...

I'd love to tell you that I have everything under control and that my sabbatical has ended.  Except that I don't, and I'm not sure it has.

But, I think I'll just not put undue pressure on myself for any reason;  blog when I feel like blogging, and let that be it.

What made me think to write is a message I got from one of my oldest friends on my birthday.

Birthday Girl

It was the kind of thing that was exactly what I needed to hear, I just didn't know it til I read it:

You were talking about the movie "The Martian" the other day, and I've been meaning to send you a note since then. I was thinking about you as I was reading the book (and not because I felt you should be stranded on Mars).  The author self published that book, and look how popular it has become! You are the funniest writer I have ever known, and I have always thought you should write a book someday. Anyway, I'm rambling, but I'd definitely buy your book if you decided to write one!

So, that was really nice.  Then last night, I got a message from a different friend that was kind of discouraging - the contents don't matter, but basically, we are in disagreement on a pretty fundamental issue, and I have my nose a little out of joint because of it.  Again, it's just kind of different interpretations of human behavior, and I'm mad.  Not irreparably, but enough to kind of pull in and keep to myself for a little bit.

So, that's part of it.

Then there's work, and trying to keep a social life, and my home life all together.

And enjoy my puppy.

And keep laundry clean.

And bills paid.

And so on.

So, I have a lot on my plate, and a book to write and a grudge to nurse.

But I'm back.

Rock me like a hurricane.



Self publication is perhaps the only way too go if you have the integrity not to cater to the market, that is, write crap for the masses. I was seriously considering it until I fortuitously found a publisher for my latest book. If it doesn't do well I'll go right ahead to self publishing.At least some people will read it.