Say something.

Here's a little follow up to yesterday.

I found the email for the professor who taught the class I wrote about.  And I e mailed him.  He e mailed me back.

It went something like this:

Professor Meentemeyer,
Earlier this week, I was reading an article on where staff members were discussing a class they took that was especially meaningful to them.  They invited their readers to write in with the same.
I sent them a quick email about a class I took in 1995, and they published my response in an article this morning.

I wanted to send you a link, because it was your class:  Intro to Soil Sciences.  I was a Journalism major, and I took your class as part of my science requirement, and I really enjoyed it.
Your lectures were always interesting, and you made the subject come alive. You were incredibly patient with us and had a terrific sense of humor.  I thoroughly enjoyed studying science for the first time.
It has been a few years since I was a student, but I wanted to share the article with you and thank you for giving me the experience to learn from you.
Best regards,
Allison Breyer Everett
ABJ '97

He replied:

Ms. Everett.        

Thank you so much for your kind words.   We rarely get feedback of any kind, let alone the good kind.   I have been retired now for almost 10 years...really?.     It was a real joy for me to teach soils and biogeography.   For several years I kept my office to do research and advise graduate students, but the time came for me move on.  A young superstar from NASA filled my position.   That felt good.  I do hope that you received a good grade.  

Again thanks and all best wishes.....Vern

My point is this.  If you have the chance to tell someone something nice, do it.  I wish I had done that for my middle school French teacher - Madame Adams.  But I didn't and she's gone.

And by the way, I made a B in the class, so yeah, I did fine for myself.