Once again.

I read Slate.com quite a bit because it's got a nice mix of articles.  This week they were featuring staff writers' discussions of the best class they ever took in school.  They invited readers to do the same and today they published some of the responses.  Mine made it in: 

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None of us got credit for our answers, but mine is the one about Intro to Soil Sciences.

Special thanks for Vernon Meentemeyer for being an awesome professor who made class a lot of fun.

I like that mine was included, and it reminds me that I have a unique voice.  And that voice is going to get heard, one way or another.



You go, girl! I had a boss who had a Ph.D. in Soil Science. Yep, he was a doctor of dirt. I work with a lot of rock and dirt people in my job. They are both interesting and amusing in their love of rocks and dirts.