Les neiges d'antan

So, I went grocery shopping this afternoon, and I noticed Honeycrisp apples in the produce section.  I got two.  They're really good, they're out of the Pacific NW, and I enjoy them a great deal. 

But then I realized that if it's Honeycrisp season, then, the time for peaches and watermelons is past.

And then, I realized I hadn't eaten a single peach this year.  And of the ONE watermelon I bought, I ate a serving and ended up tossing the rest.

And I don't think I did any corn on the cob.  Oh, wait.  Once.  And one or twice okra.  And no fresh squash from the Farmer's Market.  No tomato sandwiches.

Where the fuck did this summer go?

It occurs to me that I was on the road a bunch this summer, and I didn't cook much.

And that all summer I was just gutting it out from one thing to the next, "If I can just get through this week...If I can make it through July 4th...If I can make it through this training class...If I can just get off this plane...If I can just get home...If I can hold on while my therapist is out...If I can hang in there til I see Piper..."

That's how you kill a summer.

And if I've learned anything recently, I've learned that we get a finite number of summers. 

So starting now, I'm going to enjoy the day that I'm in.  And the ones that I prefer - the ones I couldn't wait for all summer, I'm going to really enjoy them.

But I really need to find more of the ones I want to have rather than the ones I've previously had to "get through".

When I got home, I ate half of one of the apples, with a little wildflower honey.  The honey and apple combo is a food eaten in the Jewish faith on Rosh Hashanah, which, as it happens, is today.

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year, and the sweet apples and honey are eaten in hopes of sweetness in the coming year.

So, let this be the start of a new year, a new season.  Renewed happiness.  How sweet it is!