For Instance

Let's say that my boss came to me today and said, "Allison, we need to talk." 

He wants me to know that from now on, when I travel, I have to stay at Marriott Hotels.

But that's terrible.  I have like a gazillion Hilton points.  They have better options literally everywhere in the US.  You can't make me do that!

"Well, that's coming down from corporate, so you have to do it."

And I say no, I'm not going to do it.  And I keep booking at Hilton properties.  And I get away with it til accounting finds out, and they remind my boss that I need to book at Marriott properties.

Am I going to go to our corporate office and beg them to be a special snowflake at the Hilton?

No, because they will be handing me a box full of my personal shit and escorting my fired ass out the door.  Because I may be a decent trainer, but if you want to work here, you do your job. 

And in this case, it means I stay at Marriott.

This is a metaphor for this crazy lady:

Kim Davis: Servant of the Lord and Straight Kentucky Tax Payers

Kim, if your job is to issue marriage licenses, you don't get to pick who gets them.  Especially when the Supreme Court has already told you who is legal.

If God has commanded you not to do it, then pray to him to help you find you a different job where your narrow beliefs aren't challenged.

I personally think you misheard God's command.  I think what he has been trying to tell you is "Kim - quit being an asshat."

And for the record, I prefer Gay Marriage to Marriott Hotels, but they're both a right that anyone deserves to have.