Nut Cup

This is kind of an assortment of things, as will happen:

1.  I wrote a pep talk e mail to a friend today.  It was a good one.  So good that I need to keep it and send it to myself sometime.

2.  Ashley Madison.  Holy shit, adulterers gonna adult.  So they release a bunch of names and some of them appear to be famous people.  I'm aware, at least in theory, of what Ashley Madison is.  My question is, why would you use your real name and email?  Why wouldn't you create a fake hotmail account with a fake name (I'm a fan of Haywood Jablome), and pursue your bliss quasi-anonymously?  I mean, I'm not super clever - surely I'm not the first person to come up with that as a viable solution.

2a. More to the point, why would you join a website to fuck around on your spouse?  Why would you create a paper trail of your indiscrection.  Maybe I'm just devious by nature, but I'd think that NOT GETTING CAUGHT is the first rule of a successful extra-marital affair.

3. Jared from Subway paid minors to have sex with him.  Insert your six inch, extra meat joke here.  The thing is, again, people will do some stupid shit in the interest of getting laid. In most states the age of consent is less than the age of majority, so my question is this.  Isn't request of payment implicit consent?  I'm not saying he was smart to have sex with teenagers, but if they were able to legally consent, he's guilty of poor taste.  Kind of like Subway's sandwiches.

3a.  I had to Google "age of consent in US".  I'm not proud of that.  Or ashamed, either.

4. Have I mentioned I love my dog? I do.  She's the bomb.

5.  It only took three years, but I'm going back to Maine.  I have a customer in New Hampshire.  Portland, Maine is the best airport, and so...I'm going to see my friends for a few days.  I couldn't be happier.  They seem to be excited, too.

That's the long and short of it here.

What's new with you?