Killing it, crushing it.

It's a good week.  Lots of fun people in the office - including me!

We went shopping for some back to school duds for the neighbor kid - he's eleven now, and his middle school doesn't do uniforms, which is kind of a bummer, except if you're him.  He likes comfortable clothes in bright colors - so we picked up some fun stuff.  Including some killer fun football cleats - they're kind of zazzy in a black and white stripey pattern:

Not these, exactly, but close.  I was the one who spotted them first.  Tell me you don't now want to start playing football.

He's a fun kid.  We went to get gyros for supper afterward.  His choice.  Great kid.

Piper is doing great.  Starting to mellow.  She loves her outdoor kennel, and I think it makes a big difference for all three of us.

Work is good - I had customers in the office yesterday who I've known for awhile and I like a lot.  They specifically requested me for the assignment.

I'm jamming out to show tunes, comedy and British Invasion on the Pandora today.

I had lunch with one of my BFFs - Chinese.  Tonight, I'm going to cook a nice healthy supper and enjoy some time with my girl.

Dinner out tomorrow night with aforementioned fun people.

I feel good.  For the first time in a long time, I don't feel constantly angry.