What a whirlwind weekend, but also, what fun!

So, some of the Mainers are coming this week for a big meeting, and sticking around to get some Nashville flavor for the rest of the week.

One of my pals came down early with his wife and daughter - these were the folks nice enough to bring me to Bar Harbor when I was in Maine three years back.  So I took them around town and tried to repay the kindness.  We had a great time.

In a lead-up to their arrival, I cleaned the house big time.  It was amazing.  I worked hard, but the juice was well worth the squeeze.

Piper is relaxing, I have laundry going, a fridge full of good groceries, and tomorrow I'm going into the office where I'll be surrounded by fabulous people.

It's good.

It's also possible that getting back on antidepressants was a good move.